Bear’s Pairs

Bears love games—this is well-known. Especially games they have a chance of winning now and then! And if you are also able to learn something while playing the game, Ms. Onion is delighted too. So—Mr. Bear and Ms. Onion proudly present: BEAR’S PAIRS. This is more than just a memory game; the six game modes go beyond just finding identical images:
they hone kids’ mathematics and counting skills, pose fun tasks involving reading and racing the clock, and together with the spelling game, Bear’s Pairs engages and sharpens all the main skills kids need to learn in elementary school. And the sounds! The game uses modern audio technology in a charming way that kids love!


For iPhone, iPad und iPod Touch

Vom Bären und der Zwiebel - Auf der Zwiebelarbeit App Store

For Android Phones and Tablets

Vom Bären und der Zwiebel - Auf der Zwiebelarbeit Playstorelink

Soon on Windows Phone


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