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Learning with Mr. Bear and Ms. Onion

Bear's Pairs

Bears love games—this is well-known. Especially games they have a chance of winning now and then! And if you are also able to learn something while playing the game, Ms. Onion is delighted too. So—Mr. Bear and Ms. Onion proudly present: BEAR’S PAIRS. This is more than just a memory game; the six game modes go beyond just finding identical images:
they hone kids’ mathematics and counting skills, pose fun tasks involving reading and racing the clock, and together with the spelling game, Bear’s Pairs engages and sharpens all the main skills kids need to learn in elementary school. And the sounds! The game uses modern audio technology in a charming way that kids love!

Dear children,

Do you like to play games? Of course you do! And the best games are ones like this where you win against the grownups! Do you know that game with lots of little cards, where you have to find two that are the same? This game is like that but way more fun.
Just searching for pictures was too boring for our Mr. Bear. After all, a bear does not go to school or kindergarten. So he doesn’t know most of the things you are already good at. Such as: how to count. Or how to read the clock. Letters are something of a problem for him too—he cannot even write his own name! So to help him, Ms. Onion made lots of small cards for him to play with: Some with math problems, some with things to count and some with words that start with a particular letter. Mr. Bear loves this game so much he practices every day and has already become much better at all those skills!
Now, if you like, you can now play against him – to show him that you are much better than he is. Mr. Bear looks forward to your challenge!

Dear parents,

Why do kids like match-games so much?
The answer is simple, but for us grownups maybe not so obvious: kids’ short-term memory is much better than ours. Thus, it’s easier for them to beat adult opponents. This motivates them, boosts confidence and teaches social skills. Few other games provide all that.
Why do kids learn while playing this game?
Because we extend the usual game by including clever educational challenges.
There are counting tasks which require kids to find the right number to make the amounts shown. There are math puzzles which require them to find the correct arithmetic solution. Then there are exercises with letters and the initial sound of the letter- e.g., kids must find the hiding place of the animal whose name begins with an ‘A’. There’s a time puzzle where they have to match the digital time shown to the corresponding analog clock. And the sound game where they must combine sound and image – this cultivates imagination and capacity for abstraction.
The concept is that learning though play is the most efficient, enjoyable and sustainable way to teach kids.
Play is an essential part of human development: It’s how we naturally discover our individual talents and skills and how we learn to develop those capabilities.
Our game is presented by the charming, child-friendly characters Mr. Bear and Ms. Onion from our award-winning series of e-books.
If you are brave enough, you might even risk a game or two against your children!


– Educational app for children in preschool and first grade, modeled after the classic pairs-game

– 6 game modes:

    • Classic image search
    • Match picture to initial sound
    • Counting tasks with numbers 1-12
    • Math problems with numbers up to 20
    • Learning the clock in both digital and analog time
    • Innovative sounds game

– Play alone, against a human opponent, or against Mr. Bear and Ms. Onion

– Funny dialog in the duels with Mr. Bear and Ms. Onion

– Complete audio-assisted menus for non-readers

– No ads, no in-app purchases

– Recommended by real bears

Soon on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Vom Bären und der Zwiebel - Auf der Zwiebelarbeit App Store
Vom Bären und der Zwiebel - Auf der Zwiebelarbeit Playstorelink