Bear´s Song

Mr. Bear's Song

Bears love music, this is known. Especially songs about themselve.

For a long time Mr. Bear nagged Ms. Onion: He needs his own song, he said.
After all he is a particularly musical bear who loves to dance!
He never let up…

Until finally, Ms Onion found a kind soul who plays guitar, writes songs and has a big spot in his heart for bears and children:
Hans Blücher, the singer-songwriter from Dortmund, Germany.
Produced by Jan Primke we are proud to present Mr. Bear’s very own song!

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About the artist

Hans Blücher – singer-songwriter and poet from Dortmund, Germany.

For more than ten years he has been writing music of a distinct character: intelligent, charming and unique.

Together with his band rein he tours the clubs, malls and living rooms of Germany. There once even was a concert at a public power outlet.
With songs that tell about the important things in live like soccer or the kiosk at the corner, and the small ones like true love or the intimate relationship to his home city, he strikes a balance between profound lyrics and melodies, you will never be able to get out of your ear.

Mr. Bears Song is the young father’s first piece of music for especially kids.
But certainly not his last.

If you want to learn more about Hans visit his Homepage.

Look up tour dates of his band rein .

Or enjoy his songs on his YouTube channel.